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South Shore Donut Co


Meet the Mixi's

We love having fun!

John + Whitney Mixdorf are the husband/wife baking team behind South Shore Donut Company.  They both grew up in Clear Lake (John CLHS '97 and Whitney CLHS '04) and are happily raising their tribe of girls--Kinsey (12) Caroline + Cora (4 year old identical twins) in their beloved hometown. Their interests include golfing, traveling, margaritas on the porch, chasing after their crazy children...

And they freaking love donuts!

How we started:

Whitney had hip surgery in January of 2017 and while she was laid up she kept seeing pictures of these fancy donuts her friends were driving 2 hours away to get and thought "Why not Clear Lake? Why not us?" So she pitched the idea to her husband, who promptly said "No Way." After she started baking and playing around with different flavor combos, he realized her little idea had some potential.  And boy did it take off from there!

South Shore Donut Co started off as a small home based bakery but the demand for these amazingly delicious gourmet donuts quickly outgrew their home kitchen.  In late summer/early fall of 2017 The Mixi's decided to take a GIANT leap of faith and purchased the former "Tinker's Reef" property at 1205 South Shore Drive.  After some quick renovations, "The DoCo" opened in October 2017 as a full service donut shop with a small (but totally delicious) "Lunch At The DoCo" menu.

Don't be a nut--Eat the donuts!!


•Sweetest Bakery In America Contest 2019 -- Top Donut Shop In Iowa 

•Globe Gazette Reader's Choice 2018 -- Best Donuts

•Destination Clear Lake 2019: Ask The Locals -- Best Bakery Items

•Globe Gazette Reader's Choice 2019 -- Best Donuts

•Globe Gazette Reader's Choice 2019 -- Honorable Mention Best Bakery

•••Featured In•••

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You've got the questions, we've totes got the answers!

•Are your donuts homemade?--> Our cake donuts are 100% homemade from scratch in our kitchens and our raised donuts, long johns and bismarks are 50% homemade (we use a premade product but still bake them in our ovens) All of our glazes and buttercream frostings are completely homemade.

•Are your donuts fried?--> Nope! All of our donuts are baked fresh in our ovens.  If you're looking for a donut dripping in grease, your best bet is to find the nearest gas station.

•Should we refrigerate your donuts?--> NO.  As nice as your fridge may be, our donuts hate it.  Do not refrigerate them as it will dry them out very fast!

•Can we order ahead of time?--> Yes! Preordering Info can be found under the "Weekend Preorders" tab and information on Special orders can be found under the "Donut Menu" tab.

•Do you sell your frosting?--> Absolutely! Our buttercreams are available for purchase at our counter. 

•Do you have gluten free/vegan/allergy friendly options?--> We don't at this time.  All of our items share a kitchen with each other, which makes this quite impossible.  

•Can we tour your kitchen?--> Nah. We have worked very hard to build our business and don't wish to share our recipes/business model/secrets with anyone else...sorry!

•Do you do weddings + events?--> You bet we do! Give us a call: 641-357-8005

•Can you donate to our fundraiser or benefit?--> We wish we could donate to every single person or organization that asked, but we do have our own bills to pay and family to raise. Our current donation policy: all requests must be emailed to southshoredonutco@gmail.com. Registered non-profits will be prioritized and all donations to individuals/medical benefits will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please do not be offended if we deny your request, we receive 100+ donation requests per year.  

•Why do you close for a break each summer & winter? --> We're tired. Just kidding... FAMILY TIME. We might own a super cool little donut shop but our #1 job is always Mom & Dad. We work hard, crazy hours and deserve a bit of downtime with our girls throughout the year. Click the button below to view our calendar.